Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter in Karlstad

This is river "Klarälven" in my hometown, Karlstad.

This is a new one - it wasn't there a few years ago. He does look a bit familar, perhaps an old boyfriend left behind, or something. Hm.
(why oh WHY would you place a statue of a gorilla in the middle of the street?)

OK, so mom's cats are sissies! Iriis and Astor huddled together behind the couch.

I, um, wonder why? So I guess Izzy was a little... well, she WAS stark, raving MAD. Dunno what it is about her and neutered males.
(Iriis is a neutered female, but Izzy always goes for Astor)

Here goes: the result of the big fight. 90% of this is cream coloured fur from Astor. A mere 10% could be traced back to Izzy. Oops.


carra said...

Egads! Izzy looks like a small, lethal panther in that picture - no wonder the other cats took cover!

I did wonder about the statue of the gorilla too... :)

jams o donnell said...

Izzy looks like she would BEST a panther! Ted is our thug, or he tries to be. Robyn always puts him in his place.

I like the gorilla, no statues in Romford sadly. Just one war memorial and a couple of ghastly metally sculpture thingies in the market place. As for rivers, at least you ahve a real one, the River Rom is basically an overgrown gutter!