Friday, April 27, 2007

a massive spring update

Are you bored with my magnolias yet?

I guess my friends OUGHT to be. I discovered that I have quite a collection in my camera - a collection of friends that I dragged along with me for my almost daily magnolia mission :)

This is me paparazzi-ing a picture of my friend Kirsi watching my other friend Marie taking a picture of the magnolias that I forced them to go and see about a week ago :-D

...and this is my friend Anders, at the very same place, two days ago. I inspired him to take a picture TOO. I ought'ta get royalties from the magnolias for making them famous, ahem.
Well, this is it. It's done. I no longer need to watch them, cuz from now on it's just downhill again...

Svartån ("Svart" = "Black"and "ån" = ehm, well not river, but stream? creek? shucks, what would you call it?)

Kyrkbacken (Church Hill), the oldest part of Västerås. There are always new things to discover around the corner. Some of the wooden houses are 400 years old.

I'm SHORT, but I would need to bow to be able to get inside, I doubt that this door is higher than 1,5 metres. Yes, the houses are carefully modernized inside, people still live there, this is one of the most popular places in Västerås.

We all know that maples are beautiful in autumn colours - but I also love the early limegreen tiny tiny flowers in spring, before the leaves appear.


Cecilia said...

I will never get bored with magnolias! i would just say "bring them on!", but I guess it is too late now.

jams o donnell said...

Magnolias are great. You certainly have spring fever, Siv!

Siv said...

Spring fever for SURE!