Thursday, June 28, 2007

Introducing: Titan

Titan, affectionately known as "Fur Bomb", is actually my girlfriend's cat but as we now live together, he is eligible for submissions as well. He is a Turkish Van (with two yellow eyes(!)) and his hobbies include chasing hair bands (He plays fetch with them. Do normal cats play fetch? I think not.), drinking water from the shower nozzle until he throws up, sleeping on top of Anna's old rickety display case (one of these days he's gonna fall through the top, I swear) and shedding. All the hairs you see on the carpet, he put there. He is petrified of the vacuum cleaner and he absolutely hates the dish washer. He is very chatty and loves it when you brush him.

Everybody say Hi to Titan!


Siv said...

Hello again, Titan!
Remember me? :-D

jams o donnell said...

He's a handsome devil indeed!

leaves said...

And he is MY devil. ;)

Cecilia said...

Hello Titan!