Monday, June 4, 2007

a weekend off

So where did I go? Of course: to London!

Being the Tudor-fan that I am, I was happy to find the Tudor Rose, close to Baker Street.

Great set of triceps. This guy guards the Buckingham Palace.

Swedish bike in London? Is that supposed to be a sight worth a photo. Naw...

...but I loved the irony. I shot it through a bus window, kind of blurry.

Best friends, at Portobello Road.

"OH, nice ASS! Oh, sorry, it's not an ass, it's a lion..."

(Ass = åsna ;))

MI6, unfortunately Mr B was nowhere to be seen.

Ongoing installation, an artist (forgot his name . Shaun, do you know?) molded a statue of himself (ugly guy, really) ans placed it in 31 places - on rooftops etc. This one on the west side of Waterloo Bridge.

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jams o donnell said...

I's Anthone Gormley. A great set of pics Siv. I see you had a good time and you certainly got around!