Sunday, January 28, 2007


Vasaparken, Västerås, Sweden. A perfectly beautiful day - but jeeeeez, it's cold!

Västerås City Hall to the right.

"Three men in a boat"? :) No, this is actually actually Sture Collin's "Dårarnas båt" (Ship of Fools). They boldly navigate a small pond in Vasaparken. Or - I guess they could have been, if it wasn't for that darn stone they managed to hit ;)
Copies of "Dårarnas båt" can be found in two more places in Sweden - the underground station at Sockenplan (Stockholm) and at Hornsgatspuckeln (also in Stockholm).


jams o donnell said...

Stupid question but is the park named after Gustavus Vasa? Sorry but I don't know much about Swedish history (Gustavus Adolphus and Nordlingen, Poltava and that is about it).

Nice pics Siv!

Siv, Västerås, Sweden said...

Yes, you are right!

Did you know that one of his sons (Erik XIV) proposed to Elizabeth I? I am soooo amazed that she rejected this lunatic (he was very inteligent, but suffered from mental illness) from a small region far fa away from everything, in the cold North. Ahem.

(OK, so I'm a little into the Tudor family)

Cecilia said...

But he was good looking- at least according to the portrait that he sent her, but maybe that is not the most reliable source?

Siv, Västerås, Sweden said...
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Siv, Västerås, Sweden said...

Ask Henry VIII what he thought about poor Anne of Cleves :-D (bad case of "woman not living up to future husband's expectations raised by beautiful portrait")

I visit Erik once in a while. He rests in Västerås Cathedral. I took you and R there this summer, didn't I? (senildement? jag? jajamensan *eeeeek*)

jamsodonnnell said...

Anne of Cleeves was definitely a case of Tudor spin doctoring.

Madness and monarchy seem to go hand in hand (George III although that was probably Porphyria) Joana the Mad in Spain, a long line of russian psycoptahs who became Tsar and a fair few Hapsburgs for that matter!

Cecilia said...

Siv: Nope, the visit was too short so we focussed on the essentials- eating and talking and meeting Izzy :-). Priorities, you know. Next time.