Monday, January 29, 2007

Tomb of the unknown yuppie

These are photos of a lifesize statue of a LIFFE trader (LIFFE was the London Futures and finance exchange in the City of London and was staffed by a lot of loud, arrogant and nauseating little jerks win loud coloured jackets), They all got the push when LIFFE computerised in the mid 90s and the trading pits (or bear pits) were closed. All that remains of them is this statue which I daresay many have walked straight into! If yu are ever in London it is near Cannon Street railway station


Camilla said...

I really like this kind of "casual" statues, to find one where you don't expect it.

jamsodonnnell said...

I like that too. Most of our statues here are formal and many are of figures nobody remembers these days. I bet some wish they had expected it and saved the bruises!