Monday, January 22, 2007


Hi Siv, I thought I would kick off with a photo of Robyn, our alpha cat. I took this on Saturday as he looked up at me howling his head off for no good reason!


Siv, Västerås, Sweden said...

Hey - if a cat graciously decides to howl at you, he HAS a reason ;)

And I like the look of your lawn a lot better than mine at the moment. Winter, bohooo :(

Cecilia in Houston said...


jamsodonnnell said...

Robyn has a habit of howling for the hell of it and not just because he wants his third dinner!

Hi Cecilia, he truly is a gentle giant

Cecilia said...

With large fangs!

Love long haired gentle giants. We had a black giant one as I grew up. He wasn't a lap cap, but loved to be carried around! Great hunter, but very sweet to humans.

Siv, Västerås, Sweden said...

Now, this is kind of disturbing. Perhaps he recently came up with this BRILLIANT solution regarding the crisis in Israel-Palestine, and all YOU can hear is "howl, howl, howl".
Bohoo :-(

jamsodonnnell said...

Siv, you have hit on the problem of interspecies commiunication. I think it was in Vonegut's Breakfast of Champions where an alien arrives on earth to tell we humans how to prevent war and cure cancer. Sadly he could only communicate by tapdancing and farting and gets brained for his troubles.

Somehow I don't think Robyn had anything of that sort in mind!