Monday, March 26, 2007

Bye bye Fjant, I'll MISS you, mis(s)ter

I've been swamped too, work and work related problems, a terrible flu, a visit from mom (that was nice, though) and even some interacting with FRIENDS :-D

My mother + Fjant = PURE love!

Unfortunately Izzy had some problems accepting this, so last Sunday my mom awoke around five o'clock in the morning - hm, a wet sensation... heeeeey, waittaminute, there was IZZY, balancing on the couch above mom, PEEING at (on?) her head :-O

Oops. Well, laugh or cry? We decided to laugh.

A few days ago Fjant moved back to his old home in Stockholm. He will stay with Henrik's (his owner) girlfriend, this is a great solution. I miss him. Izzy is happy. Overjoyed. Silly old bitch ;)

(the cutest bitch ever, though)


jams o donnell said...

I bet you'll miss him terribly but I hope he is happy in his new home

jams o donnell said...

It's been pretty rough here too.. Busy with the financial year end, or I would if my ribs weren't playing up again - an unpleasant inflammation of the cartialge. Ironically the only comfortable position this last week has been sat at the computer!

Cecilia said...

Very inappropriate, but I am still giggling when I get the mental image of Izzy balancing on the sofa aiming for your mum's head. She's a clever, and quite spiteful, cookie.
I love the pictures of Fjant and your mum.