Sunday, March 4, 2007

Saluting Engineers 1

James Henry Greathead

This statue of civil engineer J H Greathead is in the City of London by the Royal Exchange and the Mansion House (the ceremonial residence of the Lord Mayor of London). While most statues seem to be of politicians and military figures - there is one of the Duke of Wellington close by - some commemorate those who built London. South Aftican J H Greathead's contribution to the coty was the development of the Greathead shield which made the creation of the tube system that much easier.


Siv said...

Yaaaay! More engineers, more, more! (which reminds me - should I offer my hometown a free "baking tin" of yours truly real soon so that they can make a statue of me while I'm not too saggy?) *hrrrm*

Steve Bates said...

Three cheers for engineers!

My original Masters is in Electrical Engineering; I'm so old that in my day, that was a typical degree obtained by what we now call IT professionals. To this day, I still have very much an engineer's approach to software design.

Siv, your profile tells your age; based on that, I'm certain you will be "statuesque" for quite some years to come! :)