Saturday, March 31, 2007


An old shot of mine has been at the back of my head for a while - I took this one in November 2005(!). Through a stroke of luck (or possibly conspiracy), a tip in a Photoshop book I received from Amazon last week combined with an impromptu competition on a Swedish Photoshop blog made me finally sit down with this one and finish it off, once and for all. (Click it to view the larger size.)


Siv said...

It's amazing, Henrik! You ought to make a big print of this one.

Henrik said...

Thank you! I've always intended to let this one be a part of my portfolio (if I ever get myself in gear and put one together, that is), so at least an A4 print is in the planning. :-)

jams o donnell said...

That's a great photo, Henrik. I really do like it.

Damn I must get out and do more photography. Been laid up with inflamed ribs, also getting everything loaded onto my new pc (I didn't realise how long that can take!). So many things earmarked as subjects!

Also feeling ancient.. Turned 44 during the week... Bah!