Tuesday, July 17, 2007


This little guy breaks my heart. I found him huddled under a balcony (it was raining) a little more than a week ago when I went to get my bike outside my house. At first he ran away, frightened, but then he came back to me.

He is so beautiful, and such a nice cat, but painstakingly skinny. I've been feeding him since, and I try to find him a new home (no, Izzy didn't accept him so we can't adopt him, I tried twice already). He waits for me everyday now. Yesterday evening I came home 11.15 pm - I parked my bike and "tip tip tip", there he was, softly purring and telling me "Welcome home (and, by the way, I'd like to get some dinner now)".

I named him Fredrik, for certain reasons. Ahem.


jams o donnell said...

He is a handsome fellow, I hope you find a good home for him

Siv said...

Even better - I found his "parents" today. Joy and happiness! Apparently he ran away when they were moving, and was impossible to find. He went missing more than a month ago, so the girl who owned him hardly believed me when I told her I found her cat. They came here to pick him up a few hours ago.