Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Speaking of Izzy...

...she used to be a deserted, skinny street-cat too, but she seems to have forgotten that by now. This picture was taken quite shortly after she moved in with me, she had stayed (and got well fed!) with Fredrike for a while, but she was still CRAZY for food, she always seemed to think that every meal was the last one to get served.

(I try to tell her that she ought to remember how tough it was to be deserted, but she simply wont listen - "That Fredrik is NOT going to take ANY of your attention away from me, I've served my hard time in the streets, I deserve full attention from my Human Being by now" she claims. Well well...)

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jams o donnell said...

So no interlopers or other cats in the house with her then? Ted is a git to our girl but I am relieved that Robyn is the most laid back Alpha cat yiu can want for.