Wednesday, July 4, 2007


It's almost impossible to describe the kind of quiet but indeniable rapture (quiet rapture - now that's an interesting contradiction for you :)) that I feel when I face the mountains close to Ormsjö (ths is about 60 kms away frpm our house there).

It has been less than two weeks, and I already want to go back.


Jose said...

Wow, such beauty. I have no scenery like this in Arizona, only desert... oh and the Grand Canyon.

jams o donnell said...

What a beautiful sene Siv. I;d have to go quite a way to get anything liek that here in the UK

Siv said...

Well, from where I usually live it's a seven hour drive to get there (if I, um, drive a little faster than I'm supposed to *innocent, angelic smile*), but it's close to our summer house. I try to go there every summer, but these late years it's been only every second or so, and I always long to go back soooooon.