Saturday, July 7, 2007

Live Earth - this is my contribution, this is what I want to show people to motivate them to think about the future. Ironically, it's the past.

This is my favourite picture from midsummer - Länsmansgården (the house of the local police a couple of hundred years ago) in Fatmomakke, Swedish Lappland.

It's perfectly normal for the mountains to sport some snow in June. Climate changes might cause a change, it's getting warmer and that would mean catastrophy even for the unique flora and fauna found here as well as in so many other places on earth. The water in the lake is still squeaky clean, fresh from the mountains.

Fatmomakke village is lovingly saved as is - I hope that's a spreading trend all over. Save things. Look after them. Take care.



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jams o donnell said...

Damn it's a long time since I've posted some phots. I must rectify this. I don't have much in treh line of photos to illustrate what we may lose, although our indigenous fauna and flora will suffer greatly.