Thursday, February 8, 2007

For the love of...

I love the new OLW gourmet crisps (Swedish brand only available here I guess, sorry Cecilia, Henrik and Shaun for teasing in case you think they look goooood :-P) with a hint of chili and guacamole. Evindently, they love me back (no, they are usually not shaped, they are "natural potato stylee" - as "natural" as potato crisps can be, that is, but that's another philosophical question to handle ;)).
Non-sentimental as I am I gulped it down as soon as the picture was taken.
I giggle sometimes when I hear about ebay-auctions where carrots shaped as JC (etc etc) sell for ridiculous amounts of money. Perhaps I should have tried to sell this as "The Sacred Heart"?


jams o donnell said...

If you'd had a "Nun Bun" as well you could have had a feast, Siv!

Steve Bates said...

Siv, I live where chili peppers are available in huge piles on tables at almost any grocer's (warning: really hot!), and guacamole is something one makes at home from avocados bought yesterday... but yes, your heart-shaped chip looks good!

Siv said...

Hi Steve,

First of all - yay, we're happy someone (i e someone else than just the five of us) finally found us! :-D You are so welcome!

I was only referring to this particular brand of crisps when I tried to tease Cecilia, Shaun and Aenrik. And, belive it or not, we (luckily - I couldn't live without hot-hot-hot chili since I used to live in Asia from time to time in the nineties) have piles of chili and avocados at our grocer's in Sweden too :)

Cecilia said...

You should have saved it for Valentine's :-).
Myself, I am a boring salt-only crisps (chips) kind of girl (unless it is Kettle's New York Cheddar Cheese flavour), but a a real guacamole with spicy chilies is fabulous. R makes a mean one, yet another reason for you to come and visit Siv :-).

Steve Bates said...

Siv, thanks for the warm welcome!

You can blame jams for disclosing your secret secure location to me. He found my blog a few months ago, and we quickly discovered we have similarities... not least in our senses of humor and love of cats!

Like Cecilia, I live in Houston, though not in the same part of that sprawling city. I am fortunate to have a grocery store oriented toward Mexican-Americans right around the corner; when the season is right, I have ripe avocados just about every day... not that they grow here, but our large Hispanic population drives demand for importing them. I never knew Sweden had such foods available... which is inexcusable of me, because back in college I lived with a woman whose father was Swedish.

As for spicy hot stuff, Houston is a nexus for pepper lovers: Mexican, Indian/Pakistani, and Thai communities converge to provide us all the spicy cuisine we could ever dream of!

jams o donnell said...

Hmm if I presented the not-wife with a heart shaped crisp her response would be "thanks now had over the rest!"

Hi Steve....enjoy! I think I came across your blog through a guy leaving comments about Gunter Grass but that is the joy of the blogosphere... I find it a much more pleasant place to be online than chat rooms.