Thursday, February 22, 2007

Library, Houston

I just have to show the temporary main library in Houston. In my opinion in a much nicer building than the normal one. The main branch is normally housed in the house behind this one, a 1970s building now being renovated (a little sliver can be seen behind this builing, on the right hand side). This older building was (I think) donated a long time ago to be the start of the library system. I love the tree in the front yard. Both library buildings are dwarfed by one of the downtown skyscrapers.


siv said...

Ooooh! More pic's of libraries! Perrrrfect :)

It looks cosy, to say the least.

jams o donnell said...

Hmmm If I take a pic of my local library it'll spoli the magie!

jams o donnell said...


Steve Bates said...

Cecilia, that is the library of my childhood. That picture really evokes fond memories... thanks!

The interior of the main reading room has (had?) a central space (not very large) surrounded by some of the stacks, with three levels of balcony railings above it. A couple of decades ago, some friends and I wanted to perform some antiphonal music from two opposite balconies in that space. It would have been a grand experience, but we never quite managed to make it happen. But I still smile when I think of that library!

Between that old building (the Julia Ideson building, unless they've renamed it) and the 1970's building is a huge bright red metal sculpture that reminds everyone of Mickey Mouse's ears.

Cecilia said...

Steve, it is a great library building (still called the Julia Ideson building) that seems very misused to me. OK, it's small so it can not contain much of the collection, but it would be great to use the rooms as reading rooms, or as you say concert halls... At the moment it is used for pickups (get your mind of the gutter- pickup of books!) as the '70s library building is closed to customers for 2 years or so while they renovate. You order the books on line and pick up in the cute building a couple of days later.
I've seen the sculpture- it's now behind railings.

Shaun- all library pics are welcome! (and if you saw a proper pic of that '70s library we keep reffering to you would not be shy of posting)

Steve Bates said...

Cecilia, thanks again for the info. I don't get downtown as much as I used to (though I do have jury duty in a couple of weeks), and it is good to see what I'm missing.

For variety, here is a post containing an interior photo of the nearest Houston Public Library branch to my apartment. The walls are mostly glass, and the roof is swept up in a very "space age" design, but somehow I never got around to posting a photo of the exterior. It is a beautiful and comfortable building; once in a while I take my laptop and blog from there. It's very much a neighborhood library, though; to use it, one must not mind the noise of enthusiastic children.