Wednesday, February 14, 2007

three fridge things

(actually, you need to read that - "three fridge things" - out loud, it's more fun that way ;))

Spill you beans! Tell me (i e show me) three things about your fridge, or rather what's on it (in case you're not the kind of stylish person who refuse fridge-photos and stuff. I tried to be, but I gave in to my fridge-ism again).

OK here goes, the Västerås-version of assorted fridge-ism:

Oh, the memories! Depeche Mode at Stockholm Stadion, a lovely summer night in 2006.

Magnetic writing pad, got it from friends. I simply CAN'T understand what they mean by that. Me, being the owner of many pairs of shoes? Hmpf!

Poor quality, but it's a photo of a photo, and it wasn't really sharp even to begin with (my mom took it, she's not really into photography :)). This is Astor, one of my cats, although he lives in Karlstad with my mom since three years now. He moved there to keep her company when her cat died (I had Izzy, and they really hate each other so this switching thing is a great idea, even though I miss him). He's a Norwegian Forest Cat, very handsome and extremely friendly.

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jams o donnell said...

Astor is one handsome moggy. I would love a Skogkatt but 4 cats in a small terraced house is pushing the limits.

I saw Depeche Mode back in 1981 about a month after Dreaming of Me was released and a month before New Life.