Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Next castle?

No, but next unusual workplace. We are talking 1993, hence the poor quality of the picture. Oh, and my coworkers - well, they are just playing around. Male bonding rituals? :)

This is a building housing a gas insulated high voltage (220 kV) switchgear in Kuwait. I spent a few months there 1993-1994, trying to get it working (well, we were successful in our mission). Amazing place.

Kuwait towers, one of the important landmarks of Kuwait City. Partly destroyed during the war in the nineties, but in good shape when we came there a few years later. Sadly, that was not the case everywhere we went :(


jams o donnell said...

Not a bad looking building for high voltage thingamanies. I can imagine that large chunks of teh country were still pretty well screwed up when you were there, Siv.

Siv said...

Kuwait is a rich country, the central parts were all fine (exept for some places that they saved for memorial purpouses) but we visited a shopping mall in Fahaheel in the outskirts where every second shop still was somewhat on an "ex-shop", still with bomb-holes here and there. My inner enginner frowned at the thought of the building stability :-/

Siv said...

(loads of typos, but I guess it's still almost readable)