Tuesday, February 6, 2007

More Mimi


Cecilia said...

Shaun, all you cat pictures are just wonderful! I am also a bit envious that you have (at least?) 4 cats. I love my two cats, but would like to perhaps have one more. Husband has vetoed and argues (quite sensibly) that we shouldn't have more cats than human laps in the household... We also can't let them out since we live in a block of flats in downtown, and I suspect at least Tristan would go crazy with more company. One can dream.

jams o donnell said...

Hmm have you ever considered two or even three cats per lap? The not wife often has that many on her!

Just four cats, Cecilia. We aren't greedy! Robyn (named after singer RObyn Hitchcock) is the alpha male and is 12. He will be 13 soon.

Ted (after Father Ted a character in a very funny sitcom of the same name) is 8 and would dearly love to be top cat but Robyn is a lot bigger than him and will simply bat him aside.

Bebe (named after Frasier's evil agent) is about 5 - She was a feral cat living in a colony on a factory a few Km away. She was taken in as a very young adult along with her first kittens. Her kittens found homes easily. Nobody else wanted her.

Mimi (named after err not sure!)is 3 and is disabled. But she is very happy and seems to worship me as a cat deity!

If we had a flat we would think twice about numbers. We certainly wouldnt let them out but luckily we have a garden and a quietish street out front.

Cecilia said...

I have considered the "more than one cat per lap" scenario, but my cats aren't that co-operative! They simply don't like being that close to each other unless there is a very pressing reason. Like a cold flat and only one fleece blanket covered human at home... and even them Tristan is very grumpy.

Thanks for the intro to your lovely kitties! Have you had Robyn since he was a kitten?

jams o donnell said...

Ted is the one that doesn't play well wqith others but the girls will happily curl up with Robyn and that is often on top of the not-wife.

We've had Robyn since July 1994 when he arrived as a terrified 12 week old kitten.

Steve Bates said...

jams/Shaun, if you like, Mimi could be named after my longtime friend and colleague Mimi, a well-established American baroque violinist living in Amsterdam. I'm sure Mimi-the-violinist wouldn't mind, and I'll vouch for her not seeking catgut in the wrong places... :)

jams o donnell said...

LOL Steve.. ah now you see my real given name... I share a surname with a character in Discworld (It isn't Ironfounderson!). I had an unpleasant experience in a chat room I used to frequent. I must have crossed some weirdo and the next thing I knew he had discovered a fair few personal details, creeated a clone id (not of jamsodonnell) and used it in sex chat rooms etc. Needless to say I have no interest in chat rooms anymore!