Saturday, February 3, 2007

Oh, the irony

This slightly "enhanced" sign can be found in Bishop's Street (OK, so it's "Biskopsgatan" in Swedish) in Västerås, ca 100 m from the cathedral. Some people probably mind (and if they do I guess they mind a LOT), but my pagan soul finds it quite amusing. This said, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but... Well: The IRONY.


Henrik said...

Haha, excellent hack! :-D

Siv said...

Analogue hack :-D

Well, at least Mr Lucifer abides by the law and walk where walking is dcreed. Reminds me of thet movie where Adam Sandler is a very baaaad little devil (bad because he is... well, nice) cuz his father once managed to date an angel, yada yada.

(gotta go Google Imdb now)

...Little Nicky!

Shaun said...

Good one and perhaps a little bit of Banksy about it... Beware! Beelzebub stealing souls in in this area?

I quite enjoyed Little Nicky.

Siv said...

It's just about the only Adam Sandler-movie I can stand. Well, not that I have seen THAT many. Hm. :)

Shaun said...

You and me both Siv! I don't like my brainless fun to be totally brainless!

Camilla said...

Big smile ... :-)