Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Three fridge things, at least one grotty

Well Siv, you asked for this!

The postcard is from my sister when she stayed at our cousin Andrea's guest house in Brittany. Andrea is Dutch but prefers France and Ireland. the little magnet betrays the touch of the not-wife

This is definitely the work of the not-wife but like Jean-Luc Picard there's nothing like Tea - Earl Gray-Hot!

Sadly this is my sole contribution to the fridge furniture. I still use fountain pens and the fridge is an excellent storage area for ink... oh and WD40!


Siv said...

Oh. REAL pens! I wish... but being left handed it's hard enough to manage ordinary pens without getting all stained.

jams o donnell said...

Being left handed myself I have found three strategies:

i) push the pen, the nib will adapt

ii) don't worry about getting ink over the hands: scouring powder and a wire brush gets that off - eventually

iii) Don't worry about ink blots over the paper - nobody can read my scrawl anyway, often not even me!