Saturday, February 24, 2007

Walkabout, Västerås, February the 23'rd

At first - let's stop in the small garden outside my building. My oh my, how inspiring. Not.

Well, you see that little thingee sticking up almost in the middle of the snow? That's what's left of last year's peony-colony. In a couple of months they will return. That's what keeps me going right now. Spring. There WILL be a tad of spring and summer this year too :-D

Graffiti or art? Well, this kind of "graffiti" I like to call "art" - street art. I love these small pictures that can be seen in sometimes hard-to-find places.

This MIB guards the house of the local newspaper. I hope they won't wash him off. He's handsome.

On we go, let's stop in Rudbecksparken for a while.
(It was very late in the afternoon/early evening, hence the gloomy colours - think of them as mysterious if that'll make'em more beautiful ;))
Look up - is this the equivalent of a high rise, but for a colony of magpies?
Nah, think again. This is where Santa grows all his...

...misteltoe! Before I moved to Västerås, I had never seen it grow wild, but in this region you can find them everywhere. Quite nice for being an utter parasite, don't you think?
Now - if they grow wild, does the kissing-rule still apply?

This little guy guards the park.
Daytime, he often gets attention from kids, trying to sit on him, trying to feed him and so on. Nighttime, he's magic. The illusion of a small deer (oooh, dear deer!") standing on watch is perfect, when you are only - barely - able to see the outline.
I don't know who's (whose? sh*t, my English grammar skills are deteriorating) work this is yet but it almost looks like something made by Arvid Knöppel (Swedish artist, 1892-1970) .


Steve Bates said...

What a cool deer... with or without snow!

Houston's second largest park is guarded by The Trojan Bear. As with your dear deer, the kids love it.

Of course the kissing rule still applies... there was mistletoe in trees outdoors before there were grand halls decorated with it!

Siv said...

Haha, a Trojan bear! That's a lovely thing :)

jams o donnell said...

I wish our graffiti was as atractive! Romford is pretty shabby, sadly

jams o donnell said...

I cant remember ever seeing mistletoe in teh wild. Luckily the not wife's dad has an apple tree where misltetoe has taken healthy root. We usually have a nice big bunch as part of the xmas decorations

jams o donnell said...
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