Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Sally and the orchids

Sally in her favourite window, the one with the orchids.


jams o donnell said...

And what better a place? a vantage point and nibbles!

Cecilia said...

The two flowering ones must taste bad 'cause she doesn't touch those. The one in the middle though is totally shredded...
We have occasional pigeons passing by so vantage point is important.

Steve Bates said...

Lovely and very alert cat, Cecilia. My Houstonian's curiosity is getting the better of me: what is the "Center" visible through your window?

Cecilia said...

Thanks, she's adorable, even if I say so myself.
A fellow Houstonian, eh? Except of course I am the only one of us five that lives here and I feel like a pretend Houstonian as I've only been here for 4 years :-). Fun that you've found us.
The building seen through the window is the Islamic Da'wah Center, a mosque and education center. It is located in an old bank building in dowtown Houston (corner of Franklin and Main).

Steve Bates said...

Cecilia - Ah. Now I know your general location, though I can't remember that specific intersection at the moment. I know I've seen the Islamic Da'wah Center, though... possibly while riding MetroRail downtown?

In any case, we're in some old apartments just barely inside the southwest corner of Loop 610; they are home to many Texas Medical Center employees, Rice U. students, and... curiously enough... professional classical musicians, because the sound insulation is exceptionally good. For years, I worked at TMC; my s.o. Stella (who supports most of the cats you see on my site, though not the one pictured today) works in that area.

As for your being a pretend Houstonian... no, you're a real one. Decades ago, there was a comedy routine at one of the local shows that explained how anyone who had been here three years or more was officially a "native" ... no matter where they were actually born.

Thanks again for putting up "Sally and the Orchids." Maybe you should write a children's book with that title.

Cecilia said...

Steve, Franklin is almost as far north as you can get on Main before you hit the bridge across the bayou that leads to UH Downtown (and the end station of the rail). I work at the TMC so I ride it everyday.
I know the area where you're living- and of course I have collegues and students in my lab who live around there and we used to live close to the area before we moved downtown. My apartment was too modern to be sound proof though!
It is true what you say that this city hardly has any natives as it's in expansion stage still and people gather from all sorts of places. One of the attractions of the place for me... I don't like to feel like the only foreigner.